Sunday, October 11, 2009

FFF: Forced Family Fun

Hi all,
Today was all about family. Which means I've now met approximately all the "close" extended family, minus HD's father. This means that I got some good Steph time in today.

Beautiful Day For It
As with the last several days, it was a gorgeous 70 degree day outside. HM's brother/wife/child came so K was quite busy with him. They spent the night and then HD's brother/wife/children ended up calling out of the blue and showing up an hour or so later. So there were kids running all over the place. Luckily, they were all pretty well behaved and so only the normal little spats occurred.

We ended up grilling out for lunch/early dinner. There were "koefte" which are a kind of "meatball" though they're more like little hamburgers, more shiskabobs, chicken wings and some lamb thing. Plus numerous side dishes and salads and the ever present bread. I was hoping that it'd be like Germany here, but my family only buys white bread. Usually every day or every other, so it's always yummy, but I'm more a fan of grains!

Anyhow, that's really it. I may go into the city tomorrow for kicks, and may not...we will see!
Hope all is well,

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