Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Green House Number 85...duh

Hi all,
Today, I entered the wild and wubulous world of Istanbul public transportation, native edition. And my e key is sticking a lot, so forgive me any lacking es.

Nothing Was Easy
First, the shuttle bus that conveniently picks me up in front of the house was actually 5 minutes early. U. had to stand, giving me the last seat. However, once we were at the gate, a stop occured and our tickets were checked. After some heated dialog, our entire minibus was emptied and put into a bigger bus behind it. The only logical explanation I could find was that maybe they were strict on seating...although I find it funny to be sticklers when there are clasps, but no seatbelts. So you just have to ignore the admonitions. We got off at the Metro, and took the underpass to the opposite side where U told me the shuttle picks people up. Mind you, there's no sign. Then he showed me the "alternate" (ie, no way in hell will I ever take it...) route. You walk to a random line of minibuses, and go to the front one. Then you ride it for quite a while - it did have a gorgeous view of the Bosphorous - and then have to get near the door for an unmarked spot that I could only mark as "Across from Green House Number 85". There I will find (?) another bus, this one with the community name on it and it will deliver me to the gate for a 20 minute walk home. Oh, and U paid for the first bus, and I for the second, which was 2 Lira each. However, his involved small coins, so I also don't know how much it will cost.
=Steph will never, ever, take this way. Ever.

Thinking Positively
When we finally made it back, both of the housekeepers were waiting. A while later I came up for lunch. The very part-time Housekeeper, (who has a name, I assume...) was trying to communicate and asking E to help. We all should know how this went. At one point, after noticing my dismay of eating this rather gross green stuff (think cooked spinach mixed with a little hamburger...but a LOT of spinach...) she chattered at E. E the pantomined for me two symbols:

I i I
( put )

and then, after pointing at me (ignore the formatting text!):

I a I
I a I
( Text )

While I really think I might have been insulted, I'm going to think positively and give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was complimenting my child-bearing hips. Yeah.

Hope all is well,
PS: First day at Language school tomorrow!

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