Wednesday, April 7, 2010

80+ Degrees in April?

Hi all,

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it is slightly ridiculous! It was another bright and sunny day, although I barely spent any time outside. After breakfast and rest time, my first job of the day was to do a quick co-op run. As previously noted, millet would be helpful for millet day. Housemom took the kids out for the morning for some errands and free time, so I was manning to 2 person work crew. They both worked pretty hard, and so it didn't take a whole lot of supervisory effort.

The lunch turned out pretty well, I was especially pleased with my rich and thick cheese sauce. Although, really, with 3 cups of cheddar how can you go wrong? I mixed the millet with quinoa and a little garlic and fried up leeks, broccoli and carrots and topped with the sauce. I would never pay for the meal, but it was definitely a few steps above "edible" and not in the realm of "interesting". The coleslaw I made to go with it was also popular. I held the meal down myself, since Sam was out to lunch. Connie was raring for a fight but I had some stern words and layed out my expectations beforehand and she did reasonably well. Still dominated the table and repeated everything, but wasn't bossing people around as much.

The co-op was another thrilling day of billing. But it's important, so that helps. I also talked to one of the workgroup/neighborhood housemoms and discussed the possibility of me apprenticing to the stain glass artisan. I mentioned that I knew it probably couldn't be until summer's end, but she surprised me by leaping into it and asking if I had mornings off (Tuesday for cafe and Thursday because I make soup) - and then proposing I start as soon as possible! Now, I'll need to talk to the workmaster, but my own Housemom has given me the green light. I was also told that I may need to be on standby to sub in the food processing, but only on a temporary basis. The first changeover of co-workers will start happening in June, so there will be someone then.

Anyhow, my charge has returned and we have a co-worker house meeting tonight.
Hope all is well,

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