Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Problem With Millet

Hi all,

The problem with Millet is that it basically sucks. Especially since I just remembered I used it up last week. Great...co-op run tomorrow. Anyhow, I should probably be looking up a recipe right now, but I'm feeling very unmotivated. We're having a "Stitch 'n Bitch" session again tonight, but I'm "hosting".

Connie has be atrocious today and we're kind of at our wits' end. She can't let anyone have a separate conversation. Not that she needs to add to it, mind you, but just repeat what you say with an "I know..." in front of it. Yes, I know what I cooked today too. Strange, isn't it? Although medication is extremely regulated here, there's only so much you can do when the relatives won't consent. I say ship her home for a few months and then see what they say!

Well, that was slightly vindictive, wasn't it?

The day was gorgeous this afternoon, after a few morning showers. The morning was funny, as Sam didn't hear his alarm and shot out of bed exclaiming so...in German. I'm not sure if I answered in English or not (since the German is pretty close), but it was funny because I didn't realize he wasn't speaking English at first. Breakfast went pretty smoothly anyway. The children have a break this week, so they slept in. Housemom is going to be a very tired woman, although she plans to take some time off to take the children out. So that will be good.

Work was pretty good today, despite Connie. I was busy computing invoices using an excel sheet that Bean had set up. It seems as though the co-op had been completely lackadaisical before the current co-worker took over and made attempts (with lots of help) to get a system down. A part of me (the "insane" part, as my jewelry instructor would gladly tell you) thinks I should attempt to write a sort of manual. However, with all the constant changes, and all the work, this seems to be rather unfeasible.

Oh, and props to my youngest brother for getting a great scholarship and settling on a college. Very proud of him!

Hope all is well,

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