Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of Cabbages and Kings

Hi all,

Yesterday was a pretty intense day. We had a play in the afternoon to go to (one by the founder of Anthroposophy, it was a little obvious, to be honest) and along with other household things we ended up keeping busy. Dinner was at about 7, while we were aiming for 6:30. We had all three of us cooking at the same time, so it was pretty chaotic. Sam pulled off a light cole slaw, Housemom did the garlic mashed potatoes, and I masterminded the fish. There was probably over a pound of butter involved with frying them...but they were amazing. Keep in mind that I don't like fish...

I have the recipe from when I was working at a restaurant this summer, and so it finally came in handy. True, it wasn't walleye, but the talapia fish was soooo tender. The breading held well, although the children didn't like it. Silly littles.

I could barely clear half the food off of my plate, and we had enough fish leftover for lunch today!

We were going out to celebrate someone's birthday, and it turned out to be a huge mess. Rides were confusing, as always, and I ended up having to drive. Although it's really not a major thing. The barkeep was a complete bitch, and wouldn't let the birthday girl drink with her temp (which acts as a legal, as they take the other away), her social security card, a picture id and her mom! Her mom bought everyone a shot, and we waited until she was able to come back and get her passport (ridiculous for an American citizen...they also did it to a dual citizen...hello harassment...). The night ended with a window being broken, but through no expected way. A bench against the wall was completely warped and when someone attempted to use it as support (who was, ironically sober) it tipped him completely off balance and knocked his head into a window. Fortunately he wasn't hurt, although things got a bit ugly with one drunk old guy demanding to know who pushed who and the drunken proprietor flipping out and raging against all of us (who had brought him good business with no other problems to that point, really). So that was fun.


It made for a really late night, and was definitely an experience.

Fortunately, today was a bit lower-key. We didn't go to the service, but stayed home to help do chores (I have blisters on my hands from beating out the never-removed-from-the-van-before floor rugs...ouch) and to get lunch done so we could go out. We went to Kingston, stopping at Poets' Park to do a little hiking, tag and sunshine time, since it was at least 80 degrees and sunny! We went to Barnes and Noble, and then out for dinner for pizza. We got back too late for the night event, and with well-worn out children. Yay for screaming.

I got to talk to some family tonight, which was nice, especially as a relative just passed away. A great uncle who was a great guy and always fun at the family gatherings. So a bittersweet gathering for my family.

Tomorrow will be a full day, so...

Hope all is well and have a Happy Easter!

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