Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi all,

I have to admit, that today lacked any of the drama of yesterday. This for me, of course, is a good thing. Although I am pretty sure that my first attempt at doing yogurt from start to finish ended up being a spectacular failure. I'll have to go check after I post. However, 5 hours after I put it on the dryer to set, it was still all watery. So, probably not a good thing.

Tuesday is Garden Market, and I was relieved to find carrots and onions. We go through an average of 2-4 onions a day, and carrots can be good fillers. It's harder to fill the mornings when I don't have to cook, but by doing this and that I managed and kept the work crew pretty busy.

Lunch was pretty terrible. After one bite of the amorphous (but similar to creamed mashed potatoes) entree, I resigned myself to eating the 6 bites of salad and choking down the grainy tapioca. Honestly, I would have been pissed to pay $8 for something that tasted like that. That's a decent budget (especially considering the dessert is usually pudding of one sort or another...), and you could make some really good stuff. But I don't think the person who runs it is overly fond of her job, because the meals are usually rather lackluster. Thankfully, there were leftovers to heat up when I got home.

Rest hour sucked because the children were running around and screaming like hellions. Since housedad is back, I think both parents are trying to foist them off on eachother. NOT happy to be surrounded by their shrieks. It also bugs the villagers who also like to nap during this time. I don't think I'm being too unreasonable here, either.

Today we got our big weekly shipment in, so the co-op was busy putting things away. We also got the 100 dozen eggs that will get delivered by the bakery tomorrow. I'm still not sure why they come to us first, but there's probably some reason. Perhaps not a good one, but one somewhere...

After dinner (Maria and Connie were out with their workplace for a dinner...nice!), I did a run to the barn on the house bike. It was interesting as the brakes are practically non-existent. I almost didn't make a turn. Additionally, while housemom said the milk can fits in the basket, I wasn't sure how much of it should be slopping out. Not much did, but it was hardly reassuring.

I'm looking forward to going out for Stitch 'n Bitch tonight. We've been rotating houses, which is kind of fun. I really haven't been in the one we're going to be at tonight, and it's always interesting to see other peoples' house. I just had a thought though, it's too bad that I'm the only one doing chain maille - or we could call it "Maille and Rail". Catchy, no?

Hope all is well,

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