Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Rooster Saga Continues

Hi all,

So, I got a rather irate phone call from a certain scottish housemom this morning. Apparently it is unhygienic, rude, disrespectful and not funny to put a rooster in someone's room. Yup, someone definitely had her panties in a twist. Not to mention that her brogue comes out way more when she's pissed. I listened to what she said, said ok a lot, and hung up. She also mentioned "next time, just leave it outside". Excuse me?!? NEXT TIME?!?

There will be no next time.

Not to mention, they let their rooster run amok in my neighborhood. Where's my damn thank you?! They weren't the ones losing any sleep over it, and it was totally their responsibility. And, it wasn't her room anyway. And none of their co-workers were up.

And, if you're raising your roosters non-hygienically, it's totally not my fault.

When we had a rooster dying from mites, it lived in our boot room, and none of us suffered for it. This was a healthy rooster they were all prepared to ship off to get returned to them neatly slaughtered and to be eaten. I hardly think that it could cause a major problem in a cat carrier. It's not as though I let the darn thing run around in his room!

Housemom got very upset, and drove over to their house to reclaim the cat carrier. She came back and claimed she had to "clean it out". She apparently changed her mind about kidnapping it totally and letting it go, as she returned with it. (Much to my annoyance, as it of course just had to crow during my rest She left a note in the house saying she expected a thank you, and that she'd be willing to either hand it over or buy from them and find a new home for it far away. They never showed up today, so I guess it's ours to dispose of as we wish. It's also locked up where I can't hear it now.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I made bacon and broccoli quiche with roasted potatoes for brunch and had a lazy afternoon. I did a lot of "catch-up" calling, but hardly got a hold of anyone. So, some fun phone tag in the future, it looks like. Now I'm just waiting for Sam to come back from a Walmart run, he picked up some CDs for me.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get the planters finished before Flo leaves on vacation on Wednesday. More math - but hopefully a finished product!

Hope all is well,

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