Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuffed Full of German Food

Hi all,

Today was a long day of rest. I did some errands in the morning between breakfast and cleaning and let Sam have a sleep-in. I went after lunch and had a nice nap, and that and an hour or two this evening was the extent of my free time.

However, I did spend most of the afternoon with Sam learning how to make kaese spaetzle (German egg noodles with cheese...yum!), a pork roast with gravy, and we cheated on the sauerkraut. It was definitely a process and we just pushed our way through in parts. The noodles come from an extremely sticky dough and you use a press lowered into boiling water to cook them, an interesting process. Sam had also made sachentorte (a special cake from Vienna, which turned out pretty well and was delicious), so we all were absolutely stuffed. Now we'll need the next few months to recuperate!

It was marvelous weather again for most of the day, until it suddenly down-poured right in the middle of us doing dishes after dinner. This spoiled my plan of time out in the hammock. Oh well, there will be other days!

In other news, I should've done laundry, more room cleaning and several other small things today...but time just was not allowing for it. It will be a relief to get back to normal days tomorrow!

Hope all is well,

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sandi said...

spaetzle yummy yummy yummy and can be hilarious to make when you don't have enough hand strength to push the dough through the press. My sister and I sat on the floor crying for an hour trying to quit laughing one time when we made it. She carmelizes onions and then puts paper thin ham in hers, too. AHHH, now I'm HUNGRY! Sandi Bates