Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feel The Burn

Hi all,

The sunburn, that is. I was in a sundress today, and it was probably during the brunch. I only got a touch of color - so I'm taking it as a warning. However, it was an extremely gorgeous day today!

Breakfast was stupidly early because of a hall event - honestly, what's wrong with the normal time?!? And then we had neighborhood brunch with another house. There was delicious Pashka (a Russian sweet/soft cheese...mmm), challah bread, ham, fruit and cinnamon rolls. Housemom's recipe is terrific, and I helped to roll them out, I'll definitely need the recipe. The best part was sitting with some of the other co-workers I don't see so often. Rapier wit and horrible puns and sarcasm were cutting across the table. Sam shares this sense of humor, but culture plays a large role sometimes.

After lunch we had some quiet time, where I got a nice little nap in. Then I hiked off to a house to borrow a spaeztle maker (German egg noodles...yum!) and enjoyed the nice walk. We basically hung around the house socializing with anyone who dropped in, while housemom corralled the children and baked her special spring lime cake. I wasn't up to having my slice tonight, but I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. We had dinner a little late because of yet another hall event, but it was simple "bread and spread" affair.

Tomorrow I'll have parts of the day off (Sam and I are being flexible with this, this won't be a normal thing) and so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully a quiet day, I know that they might go out for a walk as a house. Should be nice, but I'll be happy to get back to a regular work schedule on Tuesday!

Hope all is well,

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