Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funny Bunny Business

Hi all,

Imagine that, several good days in a row! Inconceivable! Well, apparently not...

Friday got off to a long start with cooking. I was making my grandmother's Italian meatballs and sauce recipe. Only I ended up tripling the amount of meatballs, because housemom said she'd love some for the soup. Plus we could freeze extras. Have you ANY idea how many meatballs 6 pounds of meat can make?!? Probably close to 200. So, between the sauce, the french baguettes (of dubious taste, but sopped sauce great), and the meatballs and salad, I was pretty swamped.

It's just me and Franklin Friday mornings (he lives in the house, and is Beau's roommate), and so it's usually pretty relaxed. We got a surprise visitor, however, when there was a spat next door between 2 villagers (something about a birthday snub???) and one trundled over to our house - without telling the co-worker. So I got it sorted out that they stayed and putzed a round the house, occasionally holding the phone to my ear as I was covered in meatball gunk for several hours. The lunch turned out fantastic, and everyone loved them. The extra sauce and meatballs (I saved out about 50 non sauced ones as well...they're now frozen) became the soup for the night. We also now have a plot to invite one the co-workers that is kind of quiet to dinner for lunch next Thursday. However, he seemed a little intimidated when I asked and I didn't get a confirmation. We will see...

After lunch we went to a neighbor's house, bringing the "Orange Truffle" and "Chocolate Mocha Walnut" cakes for a co-worker's birthday that housemom baked. I'm not the fastest of friends with said co-worker, so I slipped in to be polite, but before I could slip out I was interrogated by the housefather (in the kindest manner possible). He's Irish, but has a similar wicked sense of humor...

"You look like you need more cake..."
"I look like I need to go plant some seeds and take a shower"
"Plant some seeds, eh? Is that like when D'Artagnan says one thing but really means another?"
"Uh, no. It pretty much means I need to plant some seeds (seedlings, actually) and then take a shower..."
"Well...if you say so..."

So I went home, transplanted some seedlings...and took a shower.

I'm all tricky and devious like that...

The co-op was rather low-key. We only have 1 villager, who was a bit of a mess - she fell asleep while wrapping up the bulk cheese! We had to get quite firm with her, and eventually sent her home. Polo and I had a good time chatting with an abnormally large amount of co-workers who ended up dropping by and it was a good end to the week.

After dinner we went to see the production of "Harvey" that the neighbor's daughter was in. She has a bigger role tonight, and I wish I could have seen her in it. There were several spectacular actors, and the ones playing Elwood (who "sees" Harvey) and his sister were both pretty hilarious and quite good. Maria, as predicted, spent the majority of the time looking for "Harvey". She still seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, we were there for 3 hours...ugh. So we didn't get home until almost 11. A very late night for us, and completely destroying any plans for socialization. Oh well.

Today was a pretty typical Saturday. I did cleaning (bathroom, fridge), a co-op and town run and kept busy for the morning. Lunch was leftovers and after a far too short rest hour we went over the rec center at the neighboring community. Unfortunately, the ping pong table was broken, and Beau was pretty disappointed. We still managed to play around, especially with the large exercise/yoga ball, which was fun to bounce. Since it was a rainy afternoon, it was a good day to be inside. The children became rather cranky, and so it was good to escape them before Bible Evening. It was rather lack-luster, the story didn't strike any strong chords.

Anyhow, I have to leave in about a half an hour to pick up a friend/co-worker at the train station. Not that I've driven there, but it shouldn't be too hard. Probably easier to find at night, plus I have her cell number. A lot of people are going out to celebrate a birthday, but I'll probably get back too late for that. However, the sound on my computer is working, so I might just watch a film instead.

Hope all is well,

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