Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pathetically Lazy

Hi all,

No excuses. Thursday night I was out past midnight at karaoke again. I was the DD, so it wasn't quite as fun as last time - although we had a bigger group. We had a little trouble with organizing everyone (what's new?), but it seemed to be a pretty big success. The bar was a lot fuller this time, and not all the singers were horrible - several were quite good. Unfortunately, they seemed to favor old school rap (like Salt-N-Pepa - which I just had to wikipedia to spell correctly...) and country. One of the co-workers that went this time was a huge crowd-pleaser. He had the Michael Jackson microphone twitch down, the stand-twirling action, dramatic gestures and a pretty good voice. The karaoke guy's comment: "Wow, that was like a whole Broadway production..."

So, a lot of fun.

We arrived home in time to just avoid getting soaked in a late-night/early-morning downpour. Success.

Thursday was a day for running errands around the village and outside, so it was a nice way to end the day. (Plus, getting to snuggle up with a big new stash of library books!)

Friday was a pretty typical day. I did a good chunk of cleaning, we had spaghetti for lunch, and I finished the bills in the co-op for the household accounts. We did the dinner/music in the cafe fundraiser for some of the staff kids, and I went to the film with our 2 villagers. The other two are having family visits right now, so I'm pretty jealous of Sam since it's just the ladies remaining.

I have the day off today so I'm planning on going into Millerton to buy some seeds and start a mini-garden by the house. Some herbs, tomatoes and sunflowers I'm thinking. We'll see once I find out how much room I'll have and prices. Should be fun.

Hope all is well,

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