Monday, May 3, 2010

And So it Goes, And So It Goes, at Least I'm Not the Only One Who Knows

Hi all,

So I'm taking requests and expanding my readership. It's a shame that I can't be stumbled upon randomly now, but I'll probably open it up again some time in the future.

Anyhow, ready for something awesome?

According to my 2010 Word of the Day calendar (super Christmas gift!), today's word is: Kerfuffle. I like that the calendar lists that it is "chiefly British" and means disturbance or fuss. I think I mainly thought it was one of those words you can only use in casual conversation - like "schnibblet" or "titch" or "ginormous". I think it should be obvious that my professors probably missed out on some solid essays containing "kerfuffle". Although, I do believe that I mainly say "kerfluffle", and that it sounds a bit more cuddly. In the future I shall try to be more sensitive to British slang.

Meanwhile, today was a sweltering day. It was 80 degrees by 9 this morning, which made cooking such an oh-so-appealing concept. So I made the "African Rice Salad" which I chilled and we had leftover pizza and lasagna with another cabbage/carrot salad. A pretty good lunch. I also did a lot of cleaning, since I had some extra time from lunch. A pretty productive morning.

We had orientation class this afternoon, and right before it, it decided to pour again (it did it once in the morning, a mere 3 minutes after Franklin had set off to drop off the milk can and do the mail. Poor man came back absolutely drenched!). I consider it to be short-term karma, as the youngest child was intent on beating a metal pole against the stone walk way, a sound I could hear through my earplugs. Naturally, he got drenched. And an evil smile might have graced my face.

We had a meeting to discuss what we're going to do for the rest of orientation. We'll do a few fun trips and a few work/info trips. Should be good. However, I also started to get very itchy again. I think I ate something on Friday that I may be allergic to. I have a lovely spotty rash on my arms and legs. It seems to come and go a bit, so I'm wondering what I could be allergic to. I have a follow-up appointment at the Dr's tomorrow, so I guess I can ask then. I'm assuming it's a food thing, because with my environment ones I usually just have sinus or breathing issues, which seem just fine. Plus, I'm on my meds, which should take care of it.

Oh well, a good excuse not to shave my legs.

Hope all is well,

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