Saturday, May 29, 2010

Misplaced in Albany

Hi all,

Well, it was certainly an adventurous day. After a lovely evening with making pizza with Flo, the morning came a bit too early. I finished up my photo project and we left by about 11:20 for Albany. We arrived around 12:30 and ended up at Lark street, the "Greenwich Village" of Albany, according to Flo. We wandered up and down the street and then into the park behind it. Highlights include the "Mr. Ding-a-Ling" ice cream truck and a really cool tree. Reminded me of the one in Salzburg, I'll have a picture or two eventually.

Afterward we went to the Cultural Education Center and it was great. It's a free museum with a carousel (functioning, and amazing!), a 9/11 remembrance exhibit, and lots of regional displays. We got a call from the co-worker we were supposed to pick up at 4 (the real reason why Flo was going before I decided to tag along), saying that her plane was delayed until 9. So we went and sniffed out a good Indian restaurant (after some good driving around aimlessly...) that Flo had been to before and had a great meal. We split two vegetarian dishes (eggplant and a potato/chick pea dish) some amazing nut/raisin naan. Yuuuuuum.

Flo had told me that his house was going to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday, so I called housemom and suggested that we go with, since they were taking a 15 passenger van and would have the room. His house was glad to take us - as they hadn't been able to book that van. So, guess who's driving to the Bronx tomorrow??? Yikes. Can we not talk about how nervous I will be? Luckily we'll be caravan-ing, and so it should be ok.

I hope.

After dinner we took a long time to find the mall (noticing a trend here?) and walked around for several hours. Flo had found out earlier that he got the job he's been waiting to hear back on (job coach for developmentally disabled people) back home, and so he was super excited. He also got quite a few calls, and had to take a long one from his parents about arrangements. Necessary since he's going home in like 3 weeks and hasn't bought his plane ticket yet...

After the mall we headed to the airport. And, once again, managed to get thoroughly turned around. For a good 1/2 hour. Luckily, her luggage was delayed (well, actually already there...) and we made it on time to pick her up. Then we got lost trying to get home. This became an annoying trend. So I got home at 11:20, had some of my banana bread and did some villager money stuff for tomorrow. We are almost set, with a short list for tomorrow.

I really need to get to bed now, hopefully zoo pictures tomorrow???

Hope all is well,

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