Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi all,

Actually, I'm just flattering myself here. A friend lent me "Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously", which happened after Julie Powell wrote her blog, but before the movie. And it's fan-freakin-tastic. Ok, so I know I might've raved about it a little yesterday, but I was full-out laughing during the drive today (details to come), and had to read a whole passage out loud. Two words for you: "Bitch Rice".

Although, I must say that I had quite a moment. I was reading and along came the last sentence on page 216:

"Everyone knows there are foods that are sexy to eat."

1 Point to Sam.

However, she follows this up by claiming there are some foods that are just sexy to make. Two pages later she follows this up with: "Now, this may be a stretch for some people, but I believe that calves' liver is the single sexiest food that there is."

She lost a point of credibility with me there, but then again, I've never had it.

Anyhow, much more laughter ensued.

This morning I did the garden market run, learned how to do Villager finances (which gets me tense, because - oh, how Steph loves Math...), ran the enthusiastic work crew and made granola. Plus a multitude of tiny things that take up time but aren't significant to mention.

Connie and I got picked up at about 2:10 to go on our outing with the co-op crew. We went to Tierra Farm and got the grand tour. Tierra Farm is: "...a small, privately-owned, certified organic producer and roasting company in upstate New York." And they're passionate about what they do. We got to see the roasting room (complete with new coffee roaster!), their storage area, the packing room and (my favorite) - the chocolate room. Sounds like it's straight out of Willy Wonka, right?

Anyhow, the whole facility was nice. Their office areas had a homey feel, they use about 80% solar energy to operate, they have gardens and keep outdoor pet farm animals (although neither are biodynamic...lol). And while I assume that everyone within 100 miles knows something about the community, we found ourselves explaining at the end. Hopefully we didn't come across as being too crazy. At any rate, we had a great time and I feel great that we support (and vice versa) such a nice company. Did I mention the free samples??

Anyhow, we got back in time for me to help (along with Sam, of course) housedad move his things out. He's heading out tomorrow to get things settled in Maine. It made a few people anxious, but nothing too dramatic. Since he's been busy job hunting a lot the last few months, he's been gone quite a bit and so I think it made the transition easier on everyone. Still, it calls to mind that soon the majority of co-workers that I've come to know in the past 4.5 months will also be slipping away soon.

A moment for pity.

Moving on.

Anyhow, I have S&B in a few minutes, so I should probably get my stuff together now. It was a nice day today and assuming I get my act together on the millet (leek and millet cakes again tomorrow??) it should go smoothly as well. It's another half day, with neighborhood work in the afternoon...hopefully it won't be raining all day like today.

Hope all is well,

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