Friday, May 7, 2010


Hi all,

I suppose it doesn't help to say that I feel a little bad when I don't post for several days? Anyhow, here's a conversational gem from tonight at supper:

Me: So, I took the children out today...and one died."
Sam: "Which one?!" (Staring pointedly at the 2 empty chairs at the table)
Me: "Oh. Not those children..."
Sam: "Ahhh."
*Hysterical Laughter*
Housemom: "Well, I didn't find it to be particularly funny..."
*Inappropriate Hysterical Laughter*

Of course, the children I meant were the plants I've been keeping in the "nursery" upstairs, with the running joke that they're ours. I'd completely forgotten that the two girls were still out catching sunnies and the slightly stricken and confused expression on Sam's face was priceless.

I hope that came across as funny.

Moving on.

Wednesday I had Bean and Indi (a co-worker I sadly don't get to see much, except in passing usually) for lunch. Wednesday is a vegetarian-friendly day in the house and I made mexican millet (of course - and on Cinco de Mayo - how fitting!) and some fried breaded tofu. We also had our two regular lunch guests (although one had told us he wasn't coming...whoops). However, Sam was out to lunch and housemom and the kids were late, so it was a manageable crew. It did become evident how much houses do things differently when, after the blessing, both Bean and Indi jumped out of their seats. It threw me for a second, and I had to pose a question. Apparently, most houses have more than one person dish up at a time. I suppose it would go faster. However, we serve out of a 70's style counter window, and so things would get a bit squished I think.

Lunch was a fun affair and both Bean and Indi left with Roma tomato plants. It was very sweet too, my favorite recurrent Wednesday lunch guest took great interest in my transplanting so I eventually asked her if she'd like a plant as well. Her face lit up and she came and rested her head on my shoulder for a moment, truly delighted. She proceeded to take the plant with her to the neighborhood meeting, and brought her co-worker into her room to show it off. Just one little plant...

The neighborhood meeting/support meeting were a lot more low-key than last week (boy, what a difference a week, sleep and no coffee and rooster make!). Afterward, the co-op was a nice and lazy afternoon.

Anyhow...I hate to cut this short, but I have an unrelated friend crisis that requires some support. I will continue this tomorrow.

Hope all is well,

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