Sunday, May 9, 2010

Call Your Mother

Hi all,

A long but relaxed day today. I was downstairs by 8 to get the water boiling for tea and the rest of the cold serve-yourself-cereal breakfast out by 8:30. I surprised the children, who were huddled around their small art desk. Minutes later, I was asked to fetch down the children's cookbook. When they started carting all the ingredients out, I became resigned to how I would spend my morning. Their recipe called for (in nice cartoon pictures): 1 cup buttermilk (which the oldest was going to do using balsamic vinegar...interesting...), 2 eggs, 1/2 cup "corn" (I assume they meant cornflour, but they showed a picture of corn on the cob...), some melted butter and that was about it before frying the "pancakes". Let's all think about the liquid to dry ratio here for a moment, shall we?

Needless to say, I stepped in and helped with adding some flour and baking powder/soda and helped with the actual frying. It's cute they wanted to make their mom breakfast, but as I'd be the one cleaning up any messes (and first in line for the screaming from potential burns), I decided it was for the best that I stepped in. We got a breakfast tray together, and they proudly assembled in her room. The oldest ran down minutes later to say how much her mother liked the breakfast and that we should save the recipe for some Friday morning. As I brought up the rest of the pancakes (I think the recipe made about 12...), I left my cereal bowl next to the stove, about half finished.

Two minutes later, I come down to see Beau (who'd already eaten his bowl of cereal and deposited it nicely in the sink) with my bowl and spoon in hand in the middle of the kitchen.

"Beau! Are you eating my cereal?!?"

"Hahahaha. Yeah!" And he tottered off to the kitchen table to finish it.

Honestly. What do you say to that?

He was in extremely high spirits today, and I heard him laughing from the living room when I related the story to housemom - who thanked me for intervening with the corn - apparently she's eaten some very interesting Mother's Day meals in the past. Later, when I was helping him with his teeth, he was rapping on the walls and also chortling the entire time. His mood was only further bettered when he got to watch some of The Lone Ranger and I had to help him scrub under his nails and trim them. They were pretty long, but apparently he won't let Sam help him with them yet. So that's something to work on.

During the afternoon I helped housemom tidy up the garage. She was mystified as to why there were burlap sacks in the garage - apparently I'd told everyone but her...and she'd been asking the neighbors. Also, the children's small tent had blown to the far edge of the lawn and since it was so windy, I'd stuck it in the garage as well. So I helped her solve some mysteries. I also called my mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

Anyhow, I think that was about it really.

Hope all is well,

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