Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

Hi all,

As promised/threatened: All About Steph:

1. This is my 10th prime birthday.
2. I'm not ticklish
3. I learned to give kick-ass back massages through karate and good pressure points.
4.I can touch my tongue to my nose.
5. I've been to 13 countries besides the US.
6. Favorite book: Deerskin, by Robin McKinley
7. Huge fan of soft sci-fi - especially Robert A. Heinlein
8. I can't juggle.
9. I've been told I talk too fast to have an accent.
10. Singing/dancing in public terrifies me.
11. I still conquer that fear occasionally.
12. Never smoked a cigarette.
13. The only color I've every dyed my hair is blue.
14. I used to get grounded from reading...not TV.
15. I never listened to The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or N'SYNC growing up.
16. I once ate an ant for a dollar.
17. I was 18
18. Lavender reminds me of old ladies.
19. Got my first kiss at 15.
20. I've speared a fish ice fishing.
21. I've been to 2 red light districts, including sleeping in one.
22.I hold belts in 3 different forms of karate, the highest being green.
23. I can count to 10 in 6 different languages.
24. I want to skydive.
25. I didn't drink beer at Oktoberfest.
26. I've never watched "Titanic"
27. I know all about Margery Kempe...don't ask.
28. I was in ballet and wrestling in elementary school.
29. I never wanted a sister, because I didn't want to share my clothes with her.
30. I still steal t-shirts from my brothers.
31. I like being with people who make me laugh and enjoy to laugh.
32. I don't like large groups of people.
33. My favorite color is green.
34. I don't own a single pair of shorts.
35. I talk too much.
36. I even talk in my sleep.
37. Puns and sarcasm are my choice of humor.
38. I've never eaten yellow snow.
39. I can speak pig latin.
40. I've ran out of ideas for this list.

Hope all is well,

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