Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Hi all,

Every Monday I like to plan out what I'm trying to get accomplished and try to find times that would work to do the projects. My list includes: plan/do Americorps projects, study for GRE, brush up on my German (difficult when it randomly won't play sound on my laptop...), make hangers for my tomato plants, paint the bottom of my languishing planter, make a slideshow for my brother's graduation, plan my parents' visit (partial accomplishment!), plan my Germany visit, finish the necklaces I'm making and still try to make as much time to hang out with the friends I've made that will be leaving soon.

Should be a breeze, right?

Honestly, though, I should look at what I do achieve. We made the planter, I'm more than half-way done with the necklaces, I have some thriving plants, I've fulfilled my civics requirement, I'm on day two of a vegetable juice cleanse (eww, beets), I can make millet and other things into an appetizing dish (urg, tomorrow...) and I'm making some great friends. Plus, I'm getting to be a pro about roosters.

Anyhow, today was a blur of cleaning in the morning (still no one back in the glass workshop, but I was able to rock out to my ipod because no one else was home...nice) and lifting and pricing 2 orders in the co-op. Definitely a busy day. In the evening I went on a nice walk with housemom and helped a new co-worker find his house.

At any rate, I'm tired and this is late. I just finished watching a movie with Flo and although he didn't get to juice anything (sort of a fixation) I sent him home with a slice of leftover pizza.

Oh. And I totally got published on another site: pinkpangea.com.

Totally made my day!

Hope all is well,

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