Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frustrations: Juice is Getting to Me?

Hi all,

Today was...interesting. I had the medicine giver's course and the test was no problem. We got done early and so I took the van and went to the IGA and then to the library, CVS (electric toothbrushes are not frowned upon here for villagers, which is super nice), and the bank. This did make me late for lunch, but since mine was already stowed in my cup, it was not a problem.

It stormed last night, which made today a good 15 degrees cooler and not as muggy. Talk about gross and sticky yesterday. It's just bearable in my room if I'm not moving and have the windows open. Anyhow, we were only in the course for an hour this afternoon, and my workmaster graciously let me have the rest of the afternoon off. So I decided to depress myself by taking the GRE practice test, quantitative section.

Because Steph loves math.

Math does not love Steph.

Ok, we actually just like to pretend that the other doesn't exist. Anyhow, the results were depressing, and the verbal even more so (although I got killed for not understanding how the test is set up...good to know, and really, what I expected). Plus, I'm probably not at full brain power with the whole juicing thing. Not to mention that grad school isn't for sure even in my semi-immediate (2-4 year) plans. However, the scores are good for up to 5 years, and it's probably good to do it closer to now than further from my school days. Urg.

To make my evening complete, of course, was Maria's stuffed dog. He's been getting really dirty lately, but he almost didn't survive the last trip through the washing machine. Lately the youngest child and Maria have been taking him outside, which makes it worse. We've tried scrubbing with a cloth, but I'm afraid his days are numbered. Anyhow, Maria was looking for him frantically and refusing to rest without him. Meanwhile, I searched for a frickin' half hour (outside, in the dark...) for this stupid dog. The only thing worse than having a dog not come when you call, is a stuffed dog that can't. Luckily, the neighbor had seen him at one point, and was able to find him. Otherwise I was going to turn the situation over to housemom, as it was probably her youngest who encouraged whatever escapade (earlier he was tied to a tree...) the dog is put in. He has now become an "inside only" dog.

Plus, I had to give Franklin a lecture/discussion on time and visiting. He knows he has to be back by 9 (suggested as reasonable by him) but has been invariably late. It takes him a while to relax, and he's slow. And if he's not in bed by 10 he gets really grumpy. Which he freely acknowledges. It's hard to treat someone like an adult when they can't handle the consequences which not only effect them, but everyone in the house.

Anyhow, hope all is well,

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