Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ascension Thursday

Hi all,
It was a strange day today, I had to recall many times that it was not a Friday or the weekend. We got to sleep in an extra hour -which is always a great way to start the day! There was a service, and during it I ran errands for the house. When I got back, Sam and I pulled together a simple picnic lunch for the community picnic.

Maria's day came and made a surprise (to her) visit. So she was on cloud nine all day. It's very interesting to see the parent/child interaction - since everyone is "grown up". They seem to share a very special rapport, and he seems to be a fascinating man.

We started the picnic with a larger circle ( not exactly a circle) doing "Eurythmy". However, near the back corner where I was at (see, circles probably shouldn't have corners...) one of the village's more anti-social wanders decided to join in. This caused a huge ripple of amusement, as he was in a great mood -something I have never seen before. It also really pissed off the leader, who had no idea what the commotion was about. I'm probably a bad person for finding this mildly entertaining. And for wishing I'd had my camera on hand....

However, after our simple lunch (most houses outdid us...whoops), we started in on the games: sack races, 3-legged race and "egg and spoon" (but with a tennis ball). This I did take pictures for. Sam was very determined to win his heat - and did:

Surprisingly, I noticed that Beau was very animated and keen on the events, and so when I offered to do the 3-legged race I was pleasantly (but not too) surprised when he emphatically agreed. We were slow and steady until I said we should be running...and then he really kicked it up a notch! I wish I had the pictures that Sam took...I'm sure they're priceless. Unfortunately, Beau got a bit too excited and made some dramatic ground-dives - which concerned some people who don't know him too well. However, we both had a grand time and it'll be a memory to cherish.

Anyhow, I've decided to host a picnic on Saturday and sent out the invites on FB to any interested co-worker who has the day off. There's also a Mother Fletcher concert later in the evening, but hopefully some people will want to relax at the park. Should be fun.

Also, I've decided that despite the 90% chance of rain tonight (as housemom put it, it's not like it's...100%...), I'm going to go spend the night out in the hammock. Just a whim, but the weather isn't too cold, but cold enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Let you know how that pans out tomorrow...


Hope all is well,

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