Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back

Hi all,

So, long story short: the rooster saga has come to an uneventful conclusion. One of the workmasters in the stain glass workshop also happens to be an accomodator. They apparently met today (or would be meeting, as it was in the morning when we spoke) and my presence wasn't requested. So I'm hoping the whole mess is finally over. At any rate, my blog will be opened up again, but not imported into FB, since people can't seem to handle this responsibility.

However, it was a great morning in the workshop. I finished grinding my pieces down and got them copper-edged. There's definitely a method to it, and I mostly muddled my way through it. There are some gaps, but apparently there usually are - and it is my first project. So I'm pretty content with it. The next step will be soldering, but won't happen for 2 weeks. The medicine-giving course (all day affairs, for 4 days spaced over a month...urg) starts this Thursday, and the workmasters are gone next week. Sigh. But at least I was at a good stopping point.

After work I made myself an omelet and got a solid nap in. I was awakened by a sudden downpour, which is highly preferable to screaming children. However, it is not so great when trying to bundle everyone out the door. I made it to work on time, and spent most of the day getting the order processed. I did have a doctor's appointment and she's rather stumped as to what I'm reacting to. I'm not having any congestion or sinus issues, nothing has changed (detergent, soaps, etc), I didn't eat anything new or novel, and it's not poison ivy. However, after conking myself out with children's benadryl last night, I woke up feeling fatigued and achy, s she's also going to run a lyme's disease test tomorrow. Plus, I'm getting another injection of an anti-inflammatory reaction homeopathic drug and have some other tablets. At this point (bruised from itching so much : ( ), I'll try anything to help.

Oh, and we officially switched from oatmeal to muesli today. Muesli is soaked oats (eww) which are drained and combined with yogurt, nuts, raisins and coconut. Or at least it was this morning. Despite the stomach-churning look of it, it was ok texture-wise - but only because of the nuts. Housemom asked if we could see ourselves eating it every day...a definite no. Luckily, with cereal and pancake days we won't have to. So I will survive.

Hope all is well,

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