Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Say it aloud with me: "Millafel"

Hi all,

Today, millet met falafel. It wasn't pretty, but it was not bad. This is disappointing, considering I was in the kitchen ALL morning. And it was 95 degrees here today! Not to mention the humidity...Anyhow, Sam requested the millet cakes (if pizza wasn't an option...) and I decided to go my own on it. I added chickpeas, onion, toasted cashews, zucchini, egg, quark, basil, cumin, turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic (too many spices??) and some flour to the dough. But it just wouldn't set into a dough/paste I could form. So I put it in the freezer.

This, in itself was not a bad idea. Sending Franklin back with the salad to put in the fridge and to pull it out of the freezer, was. The batter didn't do much, but the salad froze beautifully. The carrots became a bit deadly.

I also made a thick bechamel sauce by more or less following some "Joy of Cooking" instructions. I made roux (not hardly the nightmare it was this summer using 9 pounds of butter at a time...geez), and felt quite accomplished that it came out exactly like sausage and gravy sauce (except I used hamburger). It's not my favorite, but since I'm juicing and Sam requested it, I saw no harm in it.

I stayed away from the beets today, but got to experience citrus and chard. The citrus makes it a lot more palatable, but it's hard to stomach the tiny chunks of chard that slip through the grinder. The beets turn the juice a lovely reddish purple, and without them it's usually a sickly green/orange. Housemom said to stay clear of too much fruit juice - it tends to make you more hungry, I guess. I had a popsicle and a slush today, so I'll see how that is tomorrow. You get to a point where food doesn't really bother you, and your stomach isn't hungry...just kind of distant feeling. I haven't really felt any bad effects, and was actually more chipper this morning than previous ones. We'll probably finish out the week doing the juicing. I'm not sure I'd ever have the drive to do it by myself again, but it's interesting.

Anyhow, we had a neighborhood meeting today (although not in the past 2 weeks, so it wasn't so bad). Afterward we struggled to get through the shipment from yesterday, and still came up short. We are missing Polo, and the high heat and humidity (even in the relative comfort of the cool co-op) definitely had an effect on our productivity. I was glad to only have to carry a few small things home afterward!

After dinner Sam said he would send Maria to her evening activity, so I set out to meet up with Cat (female co-worker who lives in the house nearest to mine) at the swim pond. Unfortunately, she'd finished her bike ride really quickly, and was already heading back. She encouraged me to go and jump in anyway, and I had the pond to myself for a while. It was lovely, although there's entirely too many fish flopping around (including giant carp...?) for my full comfort level. At least I didn't see any of the water snakes.

Anyhow, I have a test tomorrow in the medicine giver's course (which I've semi-studied for...mostly common-sense) so I better get to bed here.

Hope all is well,

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