Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Got To Nap Today

Hi all,

And yes, that was definitely the hi-light of my day. Plus the 2 slices of chocolate cake (one from Flo's cake, pictured above and the other from the oldest child's birthday cake...also chocolate, but with caramel). Anyhow, I got a nice long nap today because we didn't have a neighborhood meeting. I also get an extra hour of sleep tonight because tomorrow is ascension Thursday and there's no regular work (sweet). Unfortunately, I think it's supposed to rain so the picnic and baseball game might not pan out. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

This morning I made Spanakopita, or something like it. With the mushrooms, leeks, onions, Swiss chard, spinach, egg, garlic, feta, millet (of course!), red wine and Parmesan cheese (plus the filo dough), it made for an interesting taste. It took me a bite or two to decide that I truly liked it, but I will definitely be making it again. Sam said it was his favorite (barring the pizza, of course) way to have millet. Everyone else seemed to like it as well, always a good sign.

Housemom was a bit frazzled this morning. She'd been up late the night before making cupcakes for oldest's class, and the frosting had all slid off the cupcakes. So she whipped up another batch, and then had to make even more. All this added to a busy morning (and another cake for dessert tonight), has left her a little cake-making burnt out. I offered to make my own birthday cake for Sunday, but I think she's kind of looking forward to making a lemon raspberry cheesecake. Probably not as much as I am looking forward to eating it though...

My afternoon in the co-op chiefly consisted of chiseling out the remaining 45 pounds of crystallized honey. It was a stick job that took about 1.5 hours, with infrequent breaks when the stickiness became too overwhelming. Urg.

Lately, I've been asked (I think 4 people in the last 2 days...) about my plans for the future. Of course, most of them forget I'll be here at least until next January. Funnily enough, I've been living mostly day-to-day. The last 8 years I've been planning out my future. Not that it's always worked out, it's been exhausting to switch colleges, countries and career path options. Now I'm very leery of getting locked into something for another 5+ years and then having to look back and really wonder if I made the right choices. Will I do the seminar class? Will I stick it out another year with Americorps? Will I do the Peace Corps? Will I go live abroad for a while? Will I go to grad school - when, and for what? I don't forget that these questions are always waiting on the periphery, but I refuse to let them rule my life. Right now I just need time to live, and to give myself permission to just enjoy life as it comes. The ups, the downs, the stressors and the tiny and surprising joys of commune-ity life.

Hope all is well,

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