Friday, May 28, 2010

I Survived 5 Days of Juicing!

Hi all,

While it had some ups and downs (and a few really good stomach grumbles!), I am proud to say, that as of midnight tonight my vegetable juice cleanse is done! Although I'm not hungry, I definitely miss eating. And I shall be breaking my fast in prime style, due to Flo. Upon hearing I had nothing to do, he giddily asked if we could juice something (anything!) and then said that we should make midnight pizza. Do you know how fantastic that sounds?!? Mmmm. Although I'll probably have to take it a bit easy, otherwise my stomach might rebel.

Today was pretty much a blur in the morning. I spent all morning cooking. I got bread made, the salad, noodles, meatballs, sauce and salad dressing - all from scratch, except the noodles. Even I'm not that insane. I accidentally invited a new co-worker over who is vegetarian, so I kept some of the sauce separate. The kitchen was a complete mess when I finished, but I'm also pretty good at cleaning them up now. It's also difficult to cook when your sense of taste is off, and you're not eating. I had several willing guinea pigs though. No one keeled over, so I'm taking it as a positive sign.

The co-op was good this afternoon. Although I complained a bit in the beginning about going there, I've really come to like it. I'm slowly learning how it's run, and it's always interesting to see who comes in - and the requests that they make. They can write down on a sheet what they'd like to have us order. Unfortunately, a island vacation isn't something we can provide. The workmaster is really laid back but still has a strong sense of responsibility, so it's a good environment. Although things can get tense between the other workers at times (especially if Connie is in a bad space), I've really enjoyed my time there. Since my workmaster was a temporary fill-in (he's a short-term co-worker who's been here several years), this is bound to change. Couple this with my house parents changing over in a few weeks and this can seem a bit overwhelming. So I try not to think about it.

I did meet the new houseparents today, they're staying off-location until housemom and the children leave. They seem nice enough. It's mostly just disheartening to realize I have to start from scratch to build up another relationship. Things aren't always easy with housemom, but I respect and genuinely like her. A lot of houseparents seem to operate off of a power construct with fear or intimidation (although that makes them seem evil, which as far as I know, none of them are...) or at least a strong sense of aloofness. I suppose that after being a houseparent for years upon end it's a natural development to hold yourself back from getting involved with young co-workers. I suppose that some people have a hard time managing those boundaries. Still, I'm glad of the time that I've had with housemom and will really miss her. The children too, to various degrees.

They youngest came into work with me today, and he was great. He was very helpful with stocking up shelves, tossing cardboard boxes and being cute in general. Of course, he also had the motivation of icecream (fudge bar = one chocolate-y face!) and housemom picked him after an hour.

Anyhow, tomorrow is my day off and other than finishing a photo project for my youngest brother's graduation party on Sunday, I haven't got an plans. Although, I will definitely eat some food. Maybe leftover pizza???

Hope all is well,

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