Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hi all,

I'll just jump right back in to Wednesday evening: Cinco de Mayo. Earlier in the morning, Summer (the co-worker next door) had come over to borrow something and asked if I'd heard about the outing planned for the evening. She said: "You know, for 'something spanish'". I'd never heard the event before, and she said: "You know, it's Brazilian!".
"Oh, well, I know it's Cinco de it the equivalent in Brazil??" (Did they also win independence from France? Which I totally got told, so don't get too impressed!).
Summer's eyes widened as she did a mental slap.
"Ohmygosh. That's totally what I meant...what did I even say?"
I'm not sure, as I don't speak spanish or portuguese, but it was pretty funny.

Fast forward.

So, I'm piling into the 15-seater, and it's announced that we're going to a restaurant/club, but that it's a secret. The 10 dollar cover also turned out to be a secret. We ended up in Great Barrington in an authentic Mexican restaurant who were hosting an authentic Mexican band. The music was fun, the announcements in spanish (catching only " la Mexico...Americanos...senoritas...") and I enjoyed just sitting and taking it in. Have we mentioned Steph can't dance? (Well, a little waltzing and swing, if I haven't forgotten it...) Not that it stopped most of the rest of the group, who couldn't either. However, after being hounded by a determined Mexican (who was refused, as sobriety was questionable) and Polo, I finally caved. Humbling, as he refused to believe that I couldn't salsa and couldn't pick it up through osmosis. He then declared he'd bring in music on Friday. Thankfully, he forgot!

It was a later evening, but not too bad, and I did have a nice time.

Thursday I spent in the "Medicine Giver's" certification course. It's almost as thrilling as it sounds. Most of the terms were either already known to me, or obvious once explained. I'm sure it's a heck of a lot harder for non-English speakers though. We got out an hour early, and I snuck up to my room. I then spent the time before lunch with the youngest on the hammock talking about clouds: chiefly what they might taste like (coconut cotton candy??) and what would happen if he had a button on his knee that let him float: he'd climb up the tree and drop things on people. Very cute.

After lunch and rest hour I had to be back for the course, which lasted a mere hour. Because Polo was stranded at the co-op by himself, I took mercy on him and came by. Apparently, no one from the gardens came back - so Sam was a bit miffed to hear this. I certainly don't blame them though!

Friday came and I was super-busy in the kitchen. Yogurt, honey mustard dressing, a salad, from-scratch spaghetti sauce, bread, a rhubarb apple crisp (not planned...but impossible to pass up, right?!?), and noodles all got cooked within the 3 hours. I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. I think our lunch guest was more impressed with the fact that I spelled his name right on the blackboard. (Poor German co-workers...).

During the rest hour, I drove out the library to pick up "Serenity" as I'd gotten Polo hooked on the dvds and I had also never seen it. It was great to watch, although I'm pissed that they killed off several of the major characters.

We got a delivery of about 900 dollar's worth of toilet paper = many trips up and down the stairs. So that was fun. Even more fun was the 60 pounds of honey that had crystallized in the container that was meant to pour out. So it got stuck in there after being neglected for several months by the workmaster and Polo. My artifact tool was highly effective for slicing it open most of the way, but it took some muscle work and Polo with a knife to get it 3/4 of the way open. Then I got to take the sludge out with a scoop and spoon - super sticky business that took me a good 45 minutes to get only 10 of the pounds out. Thankfully I have orientation on Monday!

Today was my day off and Bean knocked on my door at about 10. We'd made plans to go to a book sale at one of the local libraries. The books were priced good, and I picked up some favorites and a few new ones. Also a cowboy picture book for Beau, because he's been jealous of Franklin's books recently. That's what we're assuming, as he keeps taking them and ripping out pages. Not so cool, and Franklin gets really upset, as would I.

We got back at about 12:30 and I had the van at 2. Bean and I went to Hudson and made stops at one of the coffee shops where I picked some up for the house (the co-op orders through them, but we were out of a few types) and also got 15 burlap coffee bags. The lady behind the counter didn't seemed at all surprised by my request, and was intrigued to think I was going to try to use them for the tomatoes. The owner showed me their pile that was free to take from, and asked me to tell him if it worked. Though I think they'll slowly biodegrade, they should make it through the summer. Now I have a lot of work ahead of me with cutting them in half and making them into the bags. Plus hanging them somewhere...

Yeah. I'll let you know how that goes...

We made a few other stops and got home about an hour ago. All the villagers were out to dinner, and I ended up wowing Sam with my incredibly fattening "Eggs in a basket" which I turned into a sandwich version with sliced turkey and cheddar. Yum.

No plans for tonight except folding some laundry and a little room cleaning (yuck. day off fun?) and maybe some reading. A very nice day off.

Hope all is well,

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