Friday, May 21, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

Hi all,

Well, karaoke happened last night, so my post didn't.

To bring you up to speed: Thursday I was supposed to have medicine giver's course all day. However, we powered through all 4 sections in the morning and then the instructor realized that it was supposed to be for the day. So we only met for about a half hour in the afternoon. It was Polo's last day in the co-op, but I'd gotten a call at breakfast from the the workmaster (who always has seminar on Thursdays) asking me if I could do it alone in the afternoon because Polo wanted to shop.

Now, usually Polo calls me and double checks to see if this is ok. Doubled with the fact that it would've been his last day (and only day of work this week because of the special schedule), I was a tad bit upset. So I didn't go back to work even when I was done early. Instead, Schmee and I finally painted the planter (the first coat anyway) and had a heck of a time trying to clean up afterward. Exterior paint is (obviously) not water-soluble.

Anyhow, after dinner Sam cracked out his ice pops (he thinks they're amazing...), and so I got the Dimetapp flavored one. Yum...We also ended with the whole house outside and about 500 pounds on the hammock - which it held no problem. Got to hand it to LL Bean.

After we got people settled, we had one of the neighbor staff kids come and house sit while we did a co-worker meeting/walk. I'd never been up past the house before and discovered the gardens and orchard behind it. We also saw some rather unfortunate looking sheep, who'd only (for whatever reason) been partially sheared. I'm sure it looked funny to see a whole house's co-workers walking down the road that leads out of the village...escape!

We made our way to karaoke and I roped in one of the very talented and out-going male co-workers in my neighborhood to sing "Build Me Up, Buttercup". We pretty much rocked the house. It was a "Oh. So this is why people like karaoke". I just thought they were a glutton for self-punishment. Or only for people who can actually sing. We did miss the crush of about 1/2 of the co-workers coming afterward, which is nice - my hand was still shaking throughout the song.

This morning we made pancakes (per usual) and I had a harried morning getting lunch set up (except the noodles) for Sam by 11:10. I drove Polo into Hudson to take the train to NY. He's spending some time with his parents (he has so much's ridiculous), and they're flying back with a majority of his stuff when they all go home. It was hard to say goodbye, mostly because it's a wake-up call to the fact that all the friends I've made will be slipping away throughout the summer - Polo is only the first. I think he may have Stockholm's Syndrome though. 2 months ago I asked what he thought he'd gotten out of his time at the village, and he vehemently exclaimed "Nothing!". Today, however, he was waxing on about the experience has helped to shape him, and the surrealism of leaving.

Makes me wonder if I've changed at all yet, or how much I will by the time I leave.

I didn't have much time for brooding this afternoon though, for neighborhood work we scrubbed the top of the garage (a cement patio) which was treacherously slimy. Gross. It took us a good 2 hours using a weak hose and kitchen scrubbies...

Sam and I managed dinner as housemom took the kids out - though by the way they were fighting today, I feel it probably benefited us more. Plus, she never gets a day off - but somehow manages to stay positive. Strong woman.

Hope all is well,

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