Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank God for Work Tomorrow!

Hi all,

And seriously, I mean it. Today a housemom called to book our car and it literally took me a minute of staring at the calendar to remember what day it was and what week. Me a fan of patterns? It is terribly disconcerting though. I did eventually figure out what day it was. So I am relieved to have a regular day (finally) tomorrow.


Just kidding.

I just remembered I actually have "Medicine Givers" course all day tomorrow. Well, last time it wasn't for the whole time, and I doubt it will be tomorrow. So that should be fun.

Today I spent a good amount of the day making the Leek and Walnut Millet cakes. They did turn out pretty tasty (housemom claims she'd order them at a restaurant...). It's definitely a painless way to eat millet. I also fried up some zucchini. I say "some" because although it filled up the skillet raw, those suckers sure do reduce. So everyone got about a tablespoon.


But we also had salad and plenty of the millet to go around.

On a completely new note, I may turn into the crazy cat woman. Housemom will be taking their two (and pretty great) cats with them when they move. We've already signed on to taking one of the neighbor's cats (a half-grown kitten that one of the kids rescued, but doesn't get along well with the 2 others they have) and I just heard that a house in the village just had kittens. KITTENS!

I want one.

Because after a nice cuddly boy or dog to pet, a cat is the next best thing.

Hope all is well,

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