Monday, May 31, 2010

Do the Elephants Stink?!

Hi all,

Well, yesterday was a crazy and long day. We drove in a caravan fashion, and I'm not even going to mention how fast the lead van (driven by the other house's housedad) was going. Let's just say that at one point my entire vanload was chanting "Drive ----, Drive! The cop's going to get you!". Which, he luckily didn't. We did make good time, which was fortunate - as it took us 40 minutes of weaving between two streets waiting in lines to park. We got in before noon though and ate our picnic lunch.

We meandered through the zoo, with Maria driving me crazy by asking about when we were going to see the elephants every 3 minutes. Always moving on to the next thing. The general admission for the Bronx Zoo is 15 dollars, but anything "special" costs more. So they really milk you. And of course the only way to see the darn elephants is to pay for a monorail ride. Luckily, everyone else wanted to go on it too. As soon as Maria saw the elephants, she immediately asked "Do they stink?" and started gagging. Now, housemom (for whatever reason...grrr) always tells her to take some water...which she immediately spits up. Before I could stop her, she took a great big swig and (of course) sprayed all over me and my camera. I was obviously extremely pleased. And trapped with her in a monorail car. Happy moment there.

The zoo is a sad little thing, with all the animals trying to stay cool and ignore the people outside their tiny exhibits. So most were sleeping. Not the bats, ironically. The aquarium for the sea lion was really dingy and I couldn't bring myself to text and electronically sign a petition for more funding. Poor things need to go somewhere with proper facilities and enough money for upkeep. While zoos can be great for kids to see animals, the animals shouldn't have to suffer so much, I think.

It became a long afternoon, and we were more than ready to go by 4. It was great to get home and have a nice hot meal waiting for us. Housemom had a chaotic day with feisty children, but she said she appreciated my "monumental strength" in taking out the rest of the house. It didn't feel like a huge deal, although the driving was pretty stressful.

No one died though.

Hope all is well,

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