Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 Cakes in 5 Days...

Hi all,

As usual, I'm exhausted, but undoubtedly this post will grow. Today we celebrated the first birthday of the year in the house. The house mom made the cake, while I took over lunch (usually I do dinner...) and we had pizza for dinner to celebrate. I made a more condensed version of the soup to pour over rye (the grain of the day, that house mom made) and it was actually quite tasty. Apple Barley soup sounds a bit dubious, but it was completely savory and a good pairing with the grain.

It was LONG day at the co-op, even though I went in a half an hour late because I needed to accompany someone to the doctor's office. There was constant bickering and the other co-worker had to duck out a half an hour early. I was trying to figure out the spreadsheet short cut to continue a formula, going off what I'd observed (mouse only...) and I FINALLY got it, though I'm still not entirely sure I could duplicate the process. So maybe not...

Anyhow, the birthday dinner went well, and the chocolate cake was delicious. My day off this week will be actually starting around 11 or noon on Saturday until the same day on Sunday. However, it's supposed to my day for brunch. It's also house mom's birthday, so that really makes me determined to not leave her in a lurch. I have some eggs to use, so I'm thinking of an egg bake? We don't have any ham, but we do have hamburger. Just have to wing it.

Also, because of the birthday today, the birthday on Sunday and the fact that I volunteered to make a cake on Monday (for orientation), leaves me a little stressed. We also have to do a bunch of things for Candelmas, which is less than thrilling. Combine this with a very out of sorts villager, and I feel as though I'm being slowly driven crazy. Ok, I may be exaggerating...

I do like baking, but I hope I can find something to do on Saturday as an outlet. Will have to see, I guess. It'll be easier once I can drive, although that may still be several weeks away. Although with unknown and windy roads with ever increasing levels of snow (a blizzard warning today?), I'm pretty much ok with that.

Anyhow, 2 funny things today.
The co-worker from India has some strange habits. Today I walked out of the kitchen to see him drying his hands on a small table runner. I promptly quipped "If you were a 6 year old, I'd spank you!" We had an extra guest over today for lunch, and he promptly obliged me! Gave me a good chuckle.
The second was that I was in the co-op (agonizing over the damn spreadsheet), when a mostly-German part of the estate group waltzed in. I got teased for being on the computer (Facebook? MSN?) and so I muttered something about Germans. One said something about not having German in my head/body (?) and so I said "What?" and he repeated it. So then I said "Was?" And I then got to have my first, nerve-wracking (SO out of practice and under close scrutiny!) official German conversation. Not sure they were impressed, but it did catch them by surprise!

Hope all is well,

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