Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mother Fletcher

Hi all,

So, I really just need to write my posts immediately before bed. Someone had spoken to me yesterday about a group going out, and promised to call about it. No call came, so I figured transportation had fallen through, or the like. I got a call at 9:10, stating where to be at 9:15 for a ride. This naturally corresponded with a place I was unsure of the exact location for. I bumbled my way into a group, only to find out that one of the lady's birthday was today - and that everyone was actually going out as part of a celebration. Slightly awkward. However, everyone was very welcoming and cool about it.

I was in a car with 4 other people, 2 decided to leave almost immediately, one to drop one off and come back....except he never did...strange. The band was called "Mother Fletcher" and it was quite eclectic and loud. I really liked the violin and the unorthodox percussion, although the electric accordion seemed a little funny. Although the pub was minuscule, so it was packed. Amazingly, out of the 70 people there, a strong 25 were from Camphill! I thought this was nice, and was a bit surprised that this rarely happens. Too clique-y? Anyhow, I had a good amount of fun, and actually got to "talk" i.e. yell with a few other co-workers that I'd only barely met before. I met a really fun female co-worker - and just in time...(more later). We stayed until the band stopped playing, and so I was in bed by 1. I was oblivious to the drama that I'd caused.

When I'd mentioned I'd had to rush out the door earlier, I forgot to mention that "Hilda" had started yelling out after me. I yelled back at least 3 times that I had to go somewhere and needed to go now. Apparently she wasn't pleased and proceeded to lock the door - something we don't do here. She'd forgotten that one of the other villagers was out at an event - so he got locked out and was REALLY displeased with her. She was so ashamed this morning that she wouldn't speak up to ask him herself for the milk, and waited for everyone to finish and then ate in the kitchen.

We had an outing today to go to the movie theater to see "Young Victoria". The music was quite good, and now I do want to marry a German prince. Other than that, it wasn't especially memorable, with little real climax to the plot. The family wanted to go to the library together so I volunteered to try to find another co-worker (since 7 villagers is WAY too many for one, as we took 2 guests as well). I managed to get the co-worker I'd met last night, and on her day off no less! She was fantastic and I think she had fun too. It was a lot of fun, but kind of stressful too. People can be rather impatient, although the movie theater staff was fantastic.

Anyhow, I have my day off tomorrow and will be going to the kitchen in just a bit to make some chocolate no-bake cookies for tomorrow's dessert. I also re-arranged my room this evening and am now waiting for the posters that I'm getting sent from home, and the prints I enlarged and ordered from online. Should be nice...I'll post a photo one of these days...

Hope all is well,

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