Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Kidding

So, just as I was drifting right into the first stage of sleep, I was abruptly awakened by a knocking at my door. Followed by the pronouncement of a throw-up. Honestly, it's not something I was exactly thrilled by. I'd even wondered at one point if it would happen while I was here.

I suppose I can feel flattered that they felt I was a safe choice (although I would have thought that the house mom would've been the first choice, I don't exactly come off as the most maternal person). It is a dubious honor. At any rate, my overwhelming feeling was just a sinking-pit-in-the-stomach feeling. I all too well remember making a similar trek to my parent's room when it happened when I was young, and how horrible you feel. So I tried to do like my mom always did.

Water, clean up the mess (which wasn't at ALL bad, considering), throw things in the wash, offer support and a hug and get a basin, and then finally back to bed with clean sheets. Oh, but I put pants on first.

So now I'm waiting a bit, not tired so much and hoping that there will not be a second incident tonight. Might be a long day tomorrow...

Hope you're all sleeping,
PS I'm sorry I ever said it was a boring or uneventful day. That might've come across as ingratitude...

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