Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out for Lunch

Hi all,

So, I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I managed to get myself asked out to lunch at another house today. It'd somehow come up in the conversation that I hadn't really seen a lot of the other houses yet and so I was promptly asked to lunch. Today worked because it's my day off to cook as the house goes to the cafe.

I trekked over to the other house (although I did have to find it on the neighborhood map first...) and was welcomed in. It's a very different demographic than my house. Older, with more villagers and co-workers. Apparently it got mixed up and combined a few months ago, so they're still in some transition? Anyhow, their house seemed a lot more settled, and had some beautiful stained glass pieces. There was a lot more quiet, and they sang a blessing I haven't heard yet but now must learn for my house! Lunch was around a round table, and except for when I was having difficulties understanding one of the villagers, things seemed to go smoothly. I met two co-workers that I hadn't yet and enjoyed the yummy lunch!

Earlier in the day I'd missed morning work because I had to go with to a Dr.'s appointment. It was thankfully non-invasive and not a big deal. My high-light (other than the cafe for coffee break!) was the fact that as we left the office "Build Me Up Buttercup" was playing on the radio. It's the song I've been waking up to - so I got it stuck in my head even more!
(The logical thing would be to change it, but how can you be grumpy waking up to it?)

Hope all is well,

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