Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Saw Fireworks

Hi all,

But they didn't last long. Only about 15 seconds, and no one knows why. I guess there were a few birthdays in the village today, so maybe it was a birthday tribute? No idea.
They were almost as exciting as the response to my delicious lemon and blueberry pound cake. It had a beautiful glazed exterior from the pan and was dense, moist and delicious on the inside
(ha ha KT...).

We also have about half of it left...exciting.

Today was a bit of a circus, we had a visitor who got to be climbed over like a jungle gym by the children. After the last fiasco with nail polish (one had to be tossed, the other had the consistency and appearance of chocolate paste + wouldn't come off with the "all natural" remover), I'd smartly picked up some nail stickers. There's enough for about 10 times I think, for only a dollar. Plus, she can peel them off whenever she likes!

I fortunately did not have to go to service today, and instead caught up on my cleaning task that I missed yesterday: cleaning the bathroom. It may seem as though that's not a very good deal, but I like having the time to plug myself into my ipod and sing away. It almost became clean too quickly (although it gets cleaned lightly almost every day, so that's not saying much!).

Tomorrow I have the orientation training (not sure if I'm a fan yet...though it's probably not optional) so I won't be at the co-op. Hopefully there will be an activity or two this time, as it would be nice to actually get to know some other people! All in good time, I suppose.

Hope all is well,

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