Friday, January 22, 2010

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?

Hi all,

Tonight we were short one of our villagers. She goes out Friday nights to another houses (most rotate at least one meal a week at other houses). Someone from the house she eats at comes to ours for dinner. The house father asked the guest (an older lady) what they were having for dinner at her house and she triumphantly yelled "Hilda!*". The whole table erupted into laughter, except the poor visitor. We had to clarify that we'd asked "what" and not "who". She's a bit prickly (the one who was out), so we had mixed feelings on this pronouncement....

The co-op was pretty quiet today, with only one real "rush". We got these amazing oranges in though, called "Satsuma" oranges. They're very tiny, but pack a HUGE punch of flavor! I'll try to find a picture to put up...there. Oh, and apparently their in the mandarin family, although the ones we have are a much more vibrant, deep reddish-orange color. Absolutely delicious!

I might have a chance for some socialization with some other co-workers tonight, which could be fun. I did get to go into Copake today, and managed to open a checking account! The manager was awesome (I'd had to wait 15 minutes...and we'd gotten there late...) and managed to squeak me through in 15 minutes! Pretty impressive, I'd say! Nice to get something accomplished.

Anyhow, I'm off for now,
Hope all is well,

*And of course, her name is not actually Hilda...

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