Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Full Day

Hi all,

Just a quickie for today (well, it got longer!)- internet is slow and I’m TIRED!

Today I got up at what will be my regular time: 6:45. I can tell that I’ll be observing a more moderate bedtime, because the days are definitely full here.

My first challenge of the day was with breakfast. We had oatmeal. I have a thing about textures, and the fact that the other co-worker decided to add tapioca (I wasn’t the only one who found this to be odd, which was good!) – so that only helped to enhance the slimy nature of it. Luckily, there were some raisins (craisins, perhaps?) in it, so that helped some. At the table I help out a few of the villagers by pouring drinks and helping to cool things off (by adding milk or water, usually) or cutting things sometimes. Such as lunch today.

I got to visit the co-op and helped to shop for groceries and some necessities. It’s a good thing I’ve seen east coast prices, or 7.40 for a tin of hot cocoa would’ve really thrown me. I know, that practically EVERYTHING here is organic - ever seen an organic cheerio, by the way? – but the prices still make me boggle a bit. Plus, there’s the convenience factor, I suppose. At any rate, it turned out to be a good thing, as I found out I will be working afternoons there. Should be interesting.

I also was in charge of dinner today, and had a slightly odd experience as EVERYONE was gone! So I brought down my ipod and speakers to keep me company. My potato soup was excellent, by the way…especially due to the garlic I roasted. I’d say I’d made Julia proud, but it wasn’t her cookbook. Honestly, sometimes there’s just no pleasing people!

At any rate, tomorrow is a big day. I probably won’t be going to work until next week, as I have to get finger printed tomorrow. Big excitement…not. I don’t have to bring 10 dollars this time though, so there’s the positive side.

All right, I’m off to check e-mail and then go to bed!

Hope all is well,


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