Thursday, January 14, 2010

"You're Beautiful!...Like a Penguin!"

Hi all,

I must admit, it was the nicest compliment I got all day. Although, I wasn't 100% sure it was heartfelt until I mentioned it at the dinner table. Apparently this was a good compliment, as other people are usually referred to as strawberries, noodles, or (in one unfortunate man's case), a toilet brush. A penguin? Yes, please!

Last night I stayed up until 1 cooking my carrot soup (which was oddly sweet, as the carrots are very sweet). It turned out pretty well (also had potatoes, onion and garlic/spices in it). I thought I might terrifically tired the next morning, because I also had to get up early to shower. However, I think that the "me" time of getting to have some alone time belting out with my ipod was highly beneficial. It may become a weekly routine!

Work was fine, although the co-op manager forgot to leave the key to unlock areas and the maintenance didn't have the master for anything but the front door (which we already had). We still found things to do, and luckily not many people requested things that were locked away!

Tomorrow promises to be a full day with me doing some new recipes (bulgur rice and baked sweet potatoes), getting out of the village and into town, and going to a special event for dinner. I'm also rather excited about the fact that I'll have Saturday off! I plan on sleeping in, working on my jewelry, doing some German Rosetta and baking a lemon/blueberry pound cake! Should be a good next two days!

Hope all is well,

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