Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Crowning Achievement.

Hi all,

Today, after much planning (and over a week of questions) we finally made a paper crown, fit for a princess! It was super fancy, boasting construction from the finest RoseArt yellow construction paper possible, and Crayola's vintage blend of crayons. Plus, we made a matching one for her stuffed animal. Duh.

One thing I haven't touched on yet here is the rest hour I get every afternoon. I still vaguely remember my Kindergarten days, trying to lay still during the rest for a chance to pick out the record (!!!) the next day. Strawberry Shortcake was an easy winner...At that point, I'm sure I slightly resented having to not talk for SOOOOOOOOO long (those 20-30 minute naps...lol). I didn't discover the joy of napping until my freshman year of college. Every day we had a "chapel" hour that was optional. However, no classes could be scheduled then. Hello naptime!

My napping habits grew more sparsely planned throughout college, but I definitely realized how much I would miss them when I graduated. I was right. I did sometimes sneak some naps in the summer or even at Turkey, but those were of a different caliber. Napping brought on by stress, I think. At any rate, I'm THRILLED to have a regular naptime again. I once again find myself telling me to enjoy it, as it will probably not happen again until I retire (or am completely zonked if I have children...but that, again, won't count!). So, I am essentially relishing every nap now!

I'm betting a majority of you are jealous.

Hope all is well,

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