Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was Not King for a Day

Hi all,

More on the title later. Sunday is the rest day here, as only proper for a christian-based (?) community. I got to sleep in until 8! Whoo hoo! Anyhow, I was the only one of the co-workers who went to the service with the villagers. The house mother told me it would be an "experience" and one that I should see at least once. It slightly reminded me of what I would assume a pre-Vatican II mass would be like, but with three readers with their back to the audience. Minus the Latin, of course. It was slightly unnerving, and my overactive imagination likened it to a cult, which, given the message read and expounded on is entirely incorrect. It had a simple message, straight out of the new testament without any embellishments. Still, I think it may be my last Sunday "service".

We trundled off to a far off house in the community (a good half mile) after the service. A small house (technically part of the village, but not a "house" in the normal sense of the word housing only a small actual family) who were gracious enough to host us ALL for a pancake breakfast! It was a bit of a squeeze, but in a cozy way. I'd always thought that I wasn't a pancake eater, but apparently I wasn't eating the right type! I'm a fiend for whole wheat (especially buttermilk!) pancakes! I even tried a type of sesame-nut butter, which was slightly similar to peanutbutter.

The rest of the afternoon proved to be a bit long, as the house is still adjusting to my presence and so there is some unusual behavior (though nothing too severe) going on. At dinner we had a belated King's cake (cake with something in it, and whoever gets that slice becomes King for the Day) and the quietest member of the house got it! We agreed he might be the most beneficient choice, and I think he was far more excited about getting a mint than the crown - a paper deal that he declined to don.

Tomorrow I have another meeting at the admin building for Americorps paperwork (oh, yay...) and will hopefully start work at the co-op. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet, as I think I would have preferred to be able to be in a craft shop learning and designing, but nothing is necessarily permanent and I will try to have the best attitude possible for working there. I suppose it correlates to me thinking it would be like working at the bank (which was fine, except I could get SOOOO bored when there was nothing left to do). At this point I know that if I'm kept busy at work that feels like it's useful, I can get through about anything and come out with a feeling of self satisfaction, at the very least.

Hope all is well,

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