Sunday, January 31, 2010

So I Finally Got Asked to Milk a Cow...

Hi all,

Today I was literally all over the place! I slept in until 10 (more or less, lots of racket!) and spent some time romping with the children before people came back from service. I sometimes feel as though I'm a human jungle gym, but it's usually a lot of fun to evoke the peals of laughter that come about.

Since today was house mom's birthday, one of the villagers treated us to brunch in the nearby town. I found out I AM not an equal to the "Farmer's Breakfast". However, after a few weeks of burnt pancakes, I enjoyed the fluffy monstrosities that came with the meal. However, it turned out that the fine batter was a product of Aunt Jemima. Yeah...

When we came back for a small rest hour, I used it to my advantage to frost the carrot cake. For those of you lucky enough to have had it, you can imagine the rave reviews it got! There's also probably at least a solid 1,000 calories per slice, so it ought to be good! An on-going problem today was that Hilda's zipper was stuck on her outer skirt (she usually wears about 5 layers of tights, long underwear, pants and a skirt or two....). It took me most of the afternoon, and some helpful internet tips to get her out of it! We also found out Hilda will be leaving the house, and going to another one tomorrow. Our house is a little too energetic for her...and it will be nice that we won't have to lock up the kitchen at night now!

I went with one of the villagers to go see the new calf (born last Monday). Unfortunately, she couldn't tolerate the smell, so I had to wait by myself to see it and then pick up our fresh milk. I met 2 co-workers that I hadn't yet. One is the horse trainer, and she seemed as though she'd be more than happy to have me ride - as long as I could ride and showed up reliably! (Never really a problem with me...) So hopefully that will be a new day-off activity??? She also asked if I was there to milk...but I took a rain check. I'm battling an urge to go do research on youtube about it though!

Today was the eve of St. Bride's Day. So we put out our votive candle holders along the path. We'd made some frozen ones, and some painted jars. Mine was the cutest though (in my very modest opinion, of course!). I used the children's bunt cake pan (like 5 inch diameter) and plopped in some Haribo gummy bears. The tea light fits perfectly inside and casts a colorful glow. Lighting all those candles in the dark was EXTREMELY cold, and my fingers were pretty numb by the end! The play that was put on by the "youth group" was very cute, and they did a very good job. There was a respectable crowd and a good amount of applause.

Hope all is well,

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