Friday, January 8, 2010

No Late Night for Me!

Hi all,
Well, I zonked out last night, only to have strange dreams (involving chocolate, which made it better!) and to have my body insist that 5 AM was the perfect time to get up at! Not likely.
The reason I was up so late was because we had the first house meeting (only co-workers) and so I had a lot of questions to get answered. I found out there's two schools of thoughts on days off (Sat or Sun are the only permissible days because of the work week) either going with the "you're part of the community suck it up vs. balance and rest does you good. Thankfully my house proscribes to the latter, and seem rather flexible about it!

Today I helped do house chores in the morning and then prepared lunch. I got a rough idea of what needed to be cooked (never having worked with Kale before, I was uncertain about the stems...) but it turned out very well, I think. I didn't get to stick around to eat it, as I had to be at the main admin building by 12:30 to get a ride to get fingerprinted. The driver was a bit...erratic, and so I ended up not feeling like trying to eat and keep food down while traveling. So, I tucked into my tupperware in the waiting room. Apparently the fingerprinting guy travels around and usually doesn't say much, but we had a thrilling conversation about the weather (not) and the question of why a brand new bread machine was in the "office" (they stick him in the storage room).

Anyhow, I have some off time and I think I will go nap now. I feel like I'm constantly on the go but it's a good kind of busy. Rather than standing around and feeling a little out of place, I'm having fun in the thick of it!

Hope all is well,

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