Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Touring and The Beaver

Hi all,

Today was all over, but I'll try to sum it up neatly.

This morning we had the regular work crew and I found out how to get to the cold storage room. While I'm used to cooking for 2-6 people, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept of 12! However, I think we ended up with enough carrots, potatoes and beets. Not too excited about the last one though. I was, however, excited about eggs for breakfast! Not my favorite, but a clear winner over the "porridge"!

I went to my first neighborhood meeting, which happened to be a finance building. So much of it was completely over my head, needless to say. However, there was a birthday for one of the house mothers, so mine baked a delicious chocolate cheesecake. I enjoyed it greatly! When I got back to the house I was informed that I was expected to go to the admin building to finally get a tour. My guide was rather talkative and the main point of every extended narrative seemed to involve the chickens. It is her job to close the gate at night, and it is her thought that the chickens are rather bright as they seem to put themselves in because it's cold. Clever chickens rather tickled my fancy!

I got to see most of the workshops, and got a thorough tour at only one. However, I'm sure I'll be doing some exploring at one time or another! I made it to work about 45 minutes late. Making a great impression, aren't I? The great irony is that I've always striven to be punctual and consistent. However, it can only improve from here then! The work was fine, though I already know that repackaging and pricing bulk items will be my personal bane. Could be worse, I suppose!

My daily 1 on 1 time is proving to be a challenge, but can be quite funny at times as well. Topics are easily prone to being fixated on and can be annoying. Today, we shifted the focus (I hope!!!) from the last 3 days of bobcats to beavers. I was talking about my experience in Germany with the stuffed beaver (should be around somewhere in the Spring) and here's an example from the conversation: M (me) H (her).

M: ...and so they hung the beaver on the wall.
H: What did the car look like?
M: Oh, I don't know. I only saw the Stuffed Beaver, it was hanging on the wall.
H: Maybe it was just closing its eyes.
M: No, it was dead...not sleeping. They stuffed it and hung in on the wall.
H: Did they glue it to the wall?

I must admit, I was a bit stuck on the last one (ha, ha...) and luckily we changed topics quickly. The questions often come rapid-fire, as quickly as I can answer them. Point of view is unclear at times, so by tomorrow, she might have been the one to see the beaver hit by the mailman and then she glued it to the wall with its eyes closed. Never can tell.

Anyhow, I'm in charge of making dinner tomorrow night and since it'd be a tight squeeze with work I'm going to go ahead and do it tonight. However, I have to wait until everyone is in bed, or there will be one person in particular who will hound me about the kitchen being closed.

Hope all is well,

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