Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heavy Petting

Hi all,

Isn't it something, that cats can always seem to tell who don't/can't like them (allergies) and then promptly decide that their lap is the only one for them? Both the house cats have taken a liking for me and are usually pretty delightful, if a little stir-crazy. Tonight both of them decided to try to fit on my lap, but the bigger one got there first - and he's pretty hefty! So the other one had to be content with snuggling up as close as possible. She's a real sweety and likes to hid her face into the crook of your arm. Her less endearing habits include climbing up onto the table to help herself to someone's water if her bowl isn't full...

This morning I woke up feeling awful - probably due to not sleeping well as I heard the sick person getting up 2-3 more times and then the fact that I'm in the midst of a good cold. I hear it's slowly picking off co-workers, so at least I'm not the only one. I was told today by a neighboring house mom that this was my test, and that now I officially belong here. It's a dubious honor, but nothing much I can do about it! Fortunately, I haven't been throwing up, and after a few extra hours of sleep I managed quite nicely. I'm a little run-down feeling, but nothing I still can't manage.

Anyhow, I need my sleep...
Hope all is well,

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