Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silly Songs With Steph

Hi all,

Today was a nice and mostly relaxing day. I tried to sleep in, but I'm afraid my cold wasn't helping much there. I'll spare you the details. I had meals with the house, for the most part. I also got to go to HUDSON! (Yay!) I got to walk around the old town part, went to a coffee shop and also went to a used book store. I was with the house mom and 2 of the kids. She kept noticing that we got odd looks. However, her youngest was switching hand to hand with us, and her wedding band isn't a traditional design. I'll let you fill in the blanks?

My title refers to the nightly (and sometimes morning) saga of flossing and teeth brushing. I work with a female who is highly responsive to music and also has a highly evolved gag reflex. We're getting a whole routine down. First her favorite stuffed animal gets the deal with the flossing (thank goodness for the handheld ones!)

Splish Splosh I was Flossing your teeth! Tee da dee dum
(Repeat as necessary, with different emphasis and pitches)
Ta da da, ta da da, te da da da, da da.
(Splish, Splash I was taking a bath...)

then the brushing song:

Brushy Brushy Brushy!
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!
Brushy Brushy Brushy,
Half Way Done!

Brushy Brushy Brushy!
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!
(Repeat as needed)
Brushy Brushy Brushy,
NOW we're done!

Ok, So I never claimed to be a rocket scientist or a singer/songwriter.

However, occaisonally, she asks for Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Fortunately, I have NO idea how it goes, but if I just chant "Beat It-Beat It-Beat-It...Just Beat it!" she seems satisfied. Oh, and the Elvis/disco move and spinning helps too. It's a full work out! However, I'm finally getting on Youtube to see how it actually goes, the better to embellish my performance.
Other themes have involved pirates (stuffed animal becomes a parrot...) and beavers.
I know you're probably laughing, and my dignity is ok with that...

Hope all is well,


Mom said...

Yes, I'm laughing! To imagine you singing and dancing while trying to assist in brushing/flossing. That could almost be dangerous! BTW, Elvis and disco are two ENTIRELY different eras! That makes it even more funny to try to imagine your interpretation...

Steph said...

Well, I don't do the dancing WHILE brushing/flossing. Only in the interludes between, like if we have to stop after a gag. And yes, Elvis was mostly pre-WW2 (although some during his "tour" and after) and disco was a 70's thing. I do the Disco point and follow up with a "Thank You, Thank You Very Much"...