Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always Look Before You Sit

Hi all,

This has become a sort of mantra for me. I SWEAR I wipe down the toilet and sinks every day, and most days multiple times. (Thank God we use Clorox wipes!) It ranges from a lack of aim, to much more unpleasant surprises. Not that the fun necessarily stops there, but I'll let you use your imagination.

On a more pleasant note, I totally got a sweet package today. My friend T sent it after she got the birthday card (I sent it EARLY!!!!!!!), and I ironically got it on HER birthday. I don't think there's anything better than getting mail. Honestly. It really made my day!

Tonight during dinner I was sharing about my awesome package, and mentioned it had an outfit in it. Maria blurted out "Is it a CINDERELLA DRESS?!?!" Obviously, this would have been her first choice. Although, honestly, I probably wouldn't have minded one either. Perfect for the Cupcake Ball, as housedad remarked. Perhaps in my next package? : p

Yesterday I had lunch at the cafe, and I ALWAYS have the "interesting" table. I thought it was going to be a really good bunch though. I had 2 people who don't talk much, balanced by Maria and 2 other rather vocal people. One of them started freaking out about someone at another table supposedly staring at her, but I got her to calm down and thought it'd be smooth sailing.
Now, one of the guys at the table likes to tell every woman that they're cute and then tell them they should get married. Here was our table conversation:
"Hey! You're so cute! You should get married"
"Well, you know, everytime I catch one he runs away!"
"Hey! You should get a boyfriend!"
"I don't want-"
"You should date Jonathan!"
"Oh, no...You see-"
(Jonathan happened to be the only co-worker sitting at a table nearest to us, so it was a completely random happenstance.)
And this is where a third person chimed in:
"Jonathan Wants Steph! JONATHAN WANTS STEPH!!"
This was quickly taken up by all the verbal people at the table.

I have to admit, it was rather mortifying, and I'm sure that Jonathan heard. Obviously, this isn't anything shocking - we've had much more interesting outbursts - but I'd have wondered if I'd heard that about myself - and how on Earth it became a topic at my table! Definitely ready to leave after that lunch...

Also, today was millet day so I borrowed a cup of quinoa from the neighbors and made an "herb casserole" which housedad viewed rather dubiously when he came in late - labeling it "birdfeed". Housemom didn't help much by referring to it multiple times as "interesting". It was rather dill-ish (2/3 cups!!!) and the avocado vinaigrette was a little overpowering. He ended up liking it, but it was a split crowd. It was also extremely green.

Hope all is well,

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