Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liver Tea: Kill Me Now

Hi all,

Today I started with my herbal supplements. I got through my morning tea and pills no problem. I hit a wall when Housemom brewed the "Liver Tea" (digestive aid) this afternoon. Unbeknownst to me, she brewed it WAY too strong - at least double. I swear, although I've never drank urine before, it would have to be preferable to this tea. After about 10 agonizing sips, I decided to let it cool so I could chug it. Apparently my face was priceless.

The good news is that it can't possibly be more horrid at the correct strength.

This morning we had the "I am the Bread" theme, and the skit was about a Persian king who was given the gift of cultivating the land. Amazingly, he not only built the first plow himself, but tilled his field. Apparently modern day kings have it easy.

Anyhow, there was more eurhythmy, more singing (they both get added to every day) and it lasted about an hour again. However, with some help from Housemom and Sam I'd decided to make a millet casserole. This one turned out great, having both meat and cheese in it. A big hit. It was warm and filling, plus tasty. A good meal for a cold day. Tomorrow I'm attempting falafel, although I won't tell Connie that they're made from chickpeas. Mwhahaha.

(I was really tempted to set her place tonight with a bowl full of chick peas, but that would go over really badly...)

This afternoon we had our neighborhood meeting which was spent doing costumes for the skit. Honestly, you'd have thought this thing is a Broadway production. It took us 2 hours to get the simple gowns and sashes for 12 people. Maybe I'm lacking in reverence, although mostly I probably just wanted to nap.

Anyhow, we had to also leave work early to come back for a rehearsal, which was mostly them nitpicking over details. This was bad, as I was really needed today in the co-op because we were closed for doing inventory. Plus down one co-worker. I came back for an extra hour and I think they finished the entire stock upstairs, so people can shop again and we can do the stockrooms tomorrow. I was late for dinner, but got Maria's shower in so when she got done with tonight's activity she could go straight to bed.

We had a really good co-worker meeting, albeit a long one. This will be a long weekend with no work on Friday and Monday and no days off, but we'll probably pull through. I'm excited to do some German cooking with Sam on Monday, and the fish on Friday - although we still need some ingredients. Probably an IGA run tomorrow during rest hour.

Anyhow, I'm pretty zonked. I could've gone to bed at 8 tonight, no problem. And now it's almost 11. Sigh.

Hope all is well,

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