Monday, March 15, 2010

"You're So Cozy, I Never Want To Leave Your Arms!"

Hi all,

After many more hours of screaming children (although mostly in delight today, thankfully) the 3 (almost 4...) year old decided that he was in the mood for some cuddling. Since his mom was busy running around, he decided I was the next best thing. He followed up his stellar comment about how cozy I am with: "You're just like a couch!"

In other news, because you're obviously dying to know, we are FINALLY getting a "new" co-worker. Apparently we'll get a temporary one starting Thursday, and in several weeks we'll have a permanent one. This is good, although Beau finally got a bath today. One of the neighbor guys mustered his courage and it went all right. However, as I was helping him with his teeth care tonight he enjoyed himself a little too much. After we were done, he rushed behind me, patted my bottom and giggled all the way back to his room.
"Beau!" was all I could manage to exclaim, in mild disbelief.
This will definitely not happen with a male co-worker...I would assume?

So yeah, definitely happy to hear the news.

In another red-letter-day event, EVERYONE (including picky child #2, who I've long given up any hope of pleasing...) enjoyed lunch today! I did a reprisal of last Monday with the Sesame Tofu, but used some green chard and carrots with it. Delicious!

Tomorrow is our day in the cafe for lunch, but I'll be out for part of the morning running someone to the dentist. Obviously I've never been where I'm going before, but at this point, why would I let it daunt me?

And on a final note, I've finally gotten a cribbage board, and the 8 year old is a willing spirit. So after making flash cards for her 6 and 9 times tables (taught her the finger trick, probably lame that I still think it's cool???) we started on that. She's valiantly attempting to master it, and I think she'll probably make it. I know I learned at about her age, although it took quite a few more years to get re-interested in it and to come to love it. Even if we continue to play "open handed" for a while, the counting has to be good, right?

Hope all is well,

Ps. Wasn't this a positively chipper post?

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