Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Hi all,

And I'm knocking on wood. Because, let's face it, even after a BEAUTIFUL day like today, it will probably try to snow again sometime this week. Not that I knew was a beautiful day for most of the day, since I was slaving away in the kitchen. Actually, I was making tremendous messes and then cleaning them up again. However, I enjoy doing it, so it balances. We had parmesan herb potatoes (baked), magnificent blueberry muffins (so the cookbook claims) and creamy scrambled eggs. Enjoying cooking and then eating a yummy brunch almost seems like it should be a sin...

However, after my very long morning I was more than ready to relax and even was out for about an hour. I found out later that someone had the brilliant idea of napping outdoors. If I'd had known it was almost 50 degrees, I would've done it myself! (Although probably paranoid about the chickens...) I found out when we went to the concert given at the hall today. It was advertised as starting a half an hour earlier than it did, so I had time to chat and soak up some sunshine. It was stupendous. The music was also fantastic. There was an amazing violinist (who I found out is actually a member of Mother Fletcher, but I didn't recognize with his hair smoothed down), a good guitarist and cello player, and a fantastic pianist. There were also two very short skits, which had some good humor but were (as we were warned) still very much in the rough. The music was all original composition and the second and second to last pieces were very moving. An excellent afternoon.

We split up the house for dinner and I went down to one of the neighbor's houses with the guys. I found out they eat a half-hour later than us and the other house, so I got to sit and chat with most of the other villagers. They also have their personalities and one is quite the kidder. He was talking about how he should marry the cat (he'd also decided to be a werewolf...) and then told the guy sitting next to me - a younger fellow who'd been teasing me and telling me wrong and impossible answers to my basic questions ("I'm 98!!) - that he should marry me. I know, I know, an on-going theme, right?
Anyhow, here's how that conversation went, with me and the two guys:

1: "You gonna marry Steph!"
2: "Hahaha. No!"
Me: "That's right, he's a swinging young bachelor - no woman to tie him down!"
2: "Tie YOU down! Someone get me some string!"
Me: "Tie me down? No, no. Why would you do that?"
2: "I'd tie you to a tree!! You'd get eaten! Hahaha! String! String!"
1: "Don't worry! We'd save you!"
2: "No they wouldn't. I'd stand in front of you!"

So, no nocturnal walks past their house....

Hope all is well,

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