Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Table Talk

Hi all,

I realized I forgot to tell a story from last week. We had my favorite dinner guest over and we were trying out the hummus that food processing had made. At first I thought my little brain was pulling tricks on me, but then after 2-3 repeats it clicked that what I was hearing was actually correct.
Every time she asked for the hummus she said "Bahummus!" I was really tempted to ask if she thought there were some islands by the same name. But I somehow restrained myself.

Tonight we had Sunny over for dinner. She's a gabber, although she was quite disappointed because our old male co-worker was her favorite. Halfway through a discussion on voting she decided to break into the convo to talk about how she'd cried because he left. And how he had probably cried too. Undaunted by the non-reaction to her post, she decided to target me (as I was oh-so-convienently placed across from her). She likes to flatter people and this was no exception:
"You're so CUTE!"
"Thanks Sunny, you're cute too."
"You're so CUTE!"
"...You're so cute I could eat you up!"
*Blank look*
"Uh...what did you just say? I did not hear..."
"I said, You're so cute I could eat you up!"
"OK! Eat me up!"

How do you respond to that?

I was quite dismayed this morning to find out that housemom had decided I should take Friday off. I finally start to get know people and get included into events, only to get a day when everyone is working?!? I mean, it'd only be the once, because she'd be out of town and otherwise I wouldn't get ANY time off. However, I thought I could probably ask for a weekend sometime then. Anyhow, she seemed pretty determined I should accept this offer and I was mulling it over as I returned an umbrella. When I mentioned it in casual conversation I was told that another co-worker also had the day off. However, he already had plans...to go into NYC. I got invited to go along, and after determining that I wasn't actually crashing concrete plans I agreed.

I hold no certain awe of NYC, as the last time I was there (thanks for that highly traumatic illegal cab ride, mom and dad...) wasn't exactly all so reassuring. The Museum of Natural History was really sweet though. However, even if we just end up wandering around (hopefully the weather will be nice?) it'll still be better than being trapped in my room!

I also decided last-minute to make a run into Hudson to go to the only thing open (ie, Wal-mart) for a few ingredients for a cake I'll need to make and a few household items. After announcing my grand plan on FB - and asking if anyone else wanted to go, and not getting any response - I realized that I actually don't exactly know how to get there on my own. So I may not go tonight afterall...It's not cowardice, but an hour by myself with the possibility of getting lost in the dark holds very little appeal for me. So maybe it is cowardice. Meh.

Hope all is well,

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