Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hi all,

So, running tally for the damages (not done while housemom has been away. 1. Broken Glass (Almost caught on foot, but then it bounced off and still broke). 2. Broken egg (in my coat pocket when I brilliantly tried to slam the door shut by throwing my hip against it) and 3. A handful of ketchup. I blame physics for the last one, and not my delicious oven-roasted potatoes that accompanied my lovely cheddar/broccoli/red pepper quiche. You may have a moment for jealousy.


Another frequent casualty is the English language under my mastery. My favorite 3 mis-sayings:

"What's the breast thing to do with this chicken?"

"Which horse are they living in?" (Person who works with the

and tonight:

What happens when Steph tries to say "Tiny" and "Bitty" at the same time. Grossly inappropriate. And naturally only in front of the males of the house...

Housemom came home this evening at about 5, and concentrated on unloading the ridiculously-well-stocked van. We had leftover millet-chilli (still quite good, so don't knock it until you've had it) and I kept the house running as she discovered the childrens' rooms were still ripped up from being painted and that her room was only half-done. Thankfully we still have 2 empty rooms.

Although there are rumors flying that it won't be for long. I have no comment.

Hope all is well,

PS. I really was going to go to bed at 10 last night, but Bean came over and we ended up talking/roaring with laughter until midnight. Good for the soul!

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