Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi all,

Well, I have to say I was pretty upset a few hours ago. Once again I was set upon by the woman who is the liaison to the works group in my neighborhood, and she almost seemed to relish giving me the news. She also said "Well, there isn't any reason why you can get out of this one.", so I'm pretty sure she actually did. Apparently, they also find it ridiculous to have 7 people in the co-op (so why the hell did they do it in the first place?!?), and so I "get" to move. Not the new person, of course not. After all, he's a guy and they need a person in food processing. So yes, I'll get to spend my afternoons chopping up crap. Gee, don't I spend my mornings cooking and doing that already?
I guess her imperious tone really bugged me. It's fine if they need someone, but I don't really like being commandeered about. One of the main reasons I came was to acquire some skills, and so I was really hoping that my next workshop would be conducive to that. Guess not.

Slightly embittered here.

And I know. It's a stupid thing to be upset about and I should grow up and just be ok with it. But it's hard to not feel as though I'm being walked over and so I'm trying to get the resentment out in a slightly acceptable manner.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Hope all is well,

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Jacqui B. said...

I would be too. If you go and it's not a good fit say so. Directly state what you'd like to do or what area you already have skills in and would be of great help. Also talk to the heads of other workshops, it helps to have someone requesting you where you want to go.